Hassle free automation with Autoportfolio Index (A.I. 50)

Autoportfolio Index 50 is automatically constructed trading strategies index that sends you all the trading signals from best strategies when they are generated. It automatically adjusts to the changes in the markets, so you can relax and enjoy your new life with freedom created by automation.

At first we planned to create this project where people would make their own portfolios out from working strategies for diversifiaction purposes, but then, after initial test, we thought - why not to remove this step whatsoever and do everything in-house instead.

And now we have A.I. 50.

If you don't like to think over generating your own trades staring screens all day long and would rather just enjoy other things you love, subscribe and get the signals from autoportfolio of strategies without even lifting a finger! You'll get signals on what, when and how much to buy or sell in order to generate consistent profits.

Below stats represent past 9 years of returns using 0.01 lots for each trade. All strategies are listed in the systems page and can be explored there. Ava TradeEU Ltd. as broker is used.


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